Things you should know before having a Pet.

Nothing can be compared to the unconditional love of a pet.

Almost 75% of American families have pets in which more than 40% have dogs, and they consider them as their family members.

Studies have shown that having a pet in your home is good for your health. It can lower your Blood pressure, Stress and make you more active. Patients who suffer from a heart attack and who have a dog can live longer than those who don’t have.

But having a pet is not easy. It is a commitment towards your loved ones instead of just bringing them home from a pet store. Before bringing home you should know all the necessary things that a pet owner should know.

Few things you should consider before having a pet

  1. Do you have enough time to take care of a pet?
  2. What does he eat?
  3. How much cost it will take for its survival and will be able to afford it.
  4. What type of habitat he needs for a healthy life.
  5. How much exercise does he need?
  6. Are there any old people or young children who will be around your pet?

Children below 5 years and people above 60 years have weak immune systems so because of that they can get disease very easily. There is a higher risk in Pregnant women to get certain types of animal disease.

The top best reason why you should have a pet

1. Pet can improve your mood

Believe it or not, having a pet can improve your mood. Research has shown that people suffering from various diseases have fewer chances of depression if they have a pet as compared to those with the same disease who don’t have a pet.

2. Companion for Exercise

Dogs are a great companion for Excercise and will always go out for a walk. Even if you are too tired they will keep you active and fit.

3. Remedy for your loneliness

If you have a pet then, they are always there for you no matter how low you are feeling. They will always be faithful and provide unconditional love.

4. Live Longer

There are many studies regarding pet proved that people who spend time with animal live longer than who don’t.

5. Safety is the top priority

There is no need for a bugler alarm if you have a dog at home. They will not allow a single unknown person in your house without your permission. A small movement makes them alert.



If you can give time to your loved one then only bring home a pet. Bringing home pets also brings Love, care, responsibility, and sometimes sacrifice. So think twice before have one.


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