Tips For Grooming a Border Collie

Border collies are super popular, but not everyone knows how to groom them properly. A well-groomed dog is going to be happier and healthier, because grooming gets rid of excess fur, clears away dirt and debris that could contain bacteria, and helps your pet to smell and look nicer. Grooming also allows you as a … Read more

Healthy Dental Care for Dogs

As pet owners, we do a lot to make sure our pets are in tip-top shape. From regular health care exams to some of the healthiest dog food around, you probably put a lot into your dog’s health. However, dental hygiene is commonly overlooked. Taking care of your dog’s teeth is essential for their overall … Read more

Best Dog Breeds For Your Apartment

If you want to get a dog, living in a smaller space shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. There are certain dog breeds that are perfect for apartments and condos. They’re okay with staying inside, lounging on the couch, and generally on the quiet side. Some might even say they’re on the lazy side, but really they’re … Read more

Different Ways to Exercise Your Dog

It’s important to give our dogs plenty of daily exercise. It not only mentally and physically stimulates them, but it helps keep their weight in-check, which, in fact, can prevent many weight-related health issues. However, you may want to change up your regular routines with your dog to keep it fun for both of you. … Read more